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Why do a first look?

      This is a huge conversation among clients and wedding photographers/videographers! First looks may not be the traditional route but I believe they give the couple a chance at an intimate moment before the ceremony. Some of the grooms may be able to show more emotion when they are not in front of a crowd of people staring at them.

      Some couples read their vows or exchange gifts and letters, and it becomes a moment for just you two. Let’s face it, not much other than that is very private on wedding day. Not only that but you can have all of your photos done before the ceremony, giving you the freedom to enjoy your cocktail hour and reception with your guests. (Portrait sessions take anywhere from 30 mins to an hour depending on how many people are in your bridal party and what other family members you want photographed.) Traditional is always great and we are not here to change anyone’s mind but rather offer advice from experience. This is YOUR wedding day and you can do whatever you please.

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