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5 Creative Wedding Video Concepts You Must Consider

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

There are boundless possibilities when it comes to wedding videos. You can go the traditional route and capture the entire day from start to finish. Or, you can get creative and come up with something unique.

On your special day, think about using these 5 innovative New York wedding videography ideas:

Alter Your Initial Look

Nearly 50% of our clients ask for a first glimpse, and we value the genuine, passionate responses we get to capture.

However, we completely understand if some couples would like to wait until their wedding ceremony to have that moment. After all, we did this for our wedding day. You can still spend time together even if you aren't "seeing" each other.

Father-Daughter First Meeting

Sadly, fewer and fewer fathers are continuing the custom of attending their daughter's weddings for the first time.

Sometimes, simply because the morning is so busy and crowded, or perhaps because your father is getting ready at home while the bride is in a hotel, there isn't enough time. In either case, it's a unique opportunity that shouldn't be ignored.

Sharing your daughter's first impressions of your hotel or home is unnecessary. It can happen where we want on the way there or at the location of the ceremony itself. But we believe that a father's reply is priceless. Let's spread the word about this custom!

Read Each Other's Romantic Letters

On the morning of their wedding, couples frequently exchange gifts and handwritten notes. You prepare for your wedding during this lovely, private time.

Developing a method for readers to read such messages to one another is one way to increase the emotional impact. We not only react to the message after reading it, but we also react to that reaction!

Plan A Modest Wedding

This didn't require a lot of forethought. Although we kept it very informal, it ended up being the highlight of their day.

Consider spending a few minutes out of your day to chat with your partner about something personal if you find yourself in the same situation or if you are being married in a religious ceremony without vows.

Include a "Portrait Shoot" to Give Your Story More Depth

Since we are local wedding videographers, this is probably one of our favorite suggestions for wedding videos. If you include a photo shoot, you can talk about marital insights that your spouse might not be aware of while enhancing the film's quality.

We frequently claim that in addition to filming weddings, we also use the chance to create documentaries on interesting people. A portrait session expands that perspective even more.


Many unique wedding video ideas can make your wedding video stand out. You can use unique locations and props or create a unique story. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits your personality and style. There are various unique wedding video ideas to make your wedding video stand out. You can use a drone to get aerial shots, a GoPro to get up close and personal shots, or even a time-lapse camera to capture the whole day in a few minutes. Whatever you decide, make sure you consult with a professional cinematic videographer to get the best results.

Chief the Creator is a wedding photography and videography company based in Westchester, New York. Every wedding film and photo collection allows one to document a couple's love story while preserving their most treasured moments from the momentous day. For many years to come, newlyweds will enjoy watching and replaying their unique videos. Contact us for New York wedding videography services!

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